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OxiPro - Finger Pulse Oximeter

  • Measures The Oxygen Saturation Of The Blood
  • Allows Early Detection Of Symptoms Of Various Diseases
  • Calculates Oxygen Content And Saturation Within Seconds
  • Ideal For People Who Suffer From Respiratory Diseases Such As Asthma, Pneumonia Or Heart Failure

Problems with good oxygen saturation and breathing can give us a lot of information about our health.

Nowadays, knowing this data can help us to get all the necessary information about possible diseases.

OxiPro delivers all of this information in a clear and precise manner.

OxiPro is very easy to use. Just put your finger between the inner sensors.

These sensors are responsible for detecting the color changes in the blood caused by the movement of hemoglobin.

After a few seconds, the OxiPro screen will display the results.