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Smart Body Scale

  • Tracks weight, body fat, muscle mass & metabolism level
  • Connects via Bluetooth to your iOS/Android
  • Keeps track of your weight trends
  • Charge it with a simple USB port

ScaleFit will help you manage and monitor your diet better than ever before.

  • High Quality Materials
  • ScaleFit is made from premium materials like tempered glass and also has ABS which makes it all the more durable than other commercialized brands

  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • ScaleFit can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and provide you with useful information about your body right on your smartphone

  • High-tech Calculation
  • ScaleFit uses minor electrical charges to accurately measure statistics about your body

  • Wide Range of Data
  • ScaleFit can track BMI, water content, muscle and fat rate, visceral fat rate and bone mass.