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Veghetti - Healthy Pasta without Carbs!

  • Delicious Pasta without Carbs!
  • Zucchini or any Vegetable Noodles in Seconds
  • Healthy Food for the Whole Family
  • Easy to Use and Dishwaser Safe

This must-have kitchen aid will turn any of your favorite vegetables into modern, beautiful, fun and healthy food. Imagine your family pasta dish without any carbs.. a new era of healthy food has begun!

  • Quality and durable material
  • 12 Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades For Effective Spiralizing

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • So easy to use and no mess afterwards!

  • Dual stainless-steel cutting blades for thick or thin pasta strands
  • Fun, healthy and quick meal preparation, turns veggies into healthy spaghetti instantly!

  • Promotes Creative And Healthy Meals
  • Great for zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes. Perfect, delicious pasta without the carbs.